19 Mar 2013

World's 1st Cannabis (Marijuana) Coin

Benin - World's 1st Silver Legal Tender Marijuana Coin - 1,000 CFA - 2010 - 1 oz Proof Crown - COA

The coin just issued by authority of the Government of the West African Republic of Benin is bound to create quite a stir among collectors and non-collectors alike. As the first in a series of “Famous Plants of the World”, the 100 Central African Franc denominated Legal Tender coin features Cannabis Sativa, colloquially known as Marijuana, Pot, Mary Jane, Weed, Grass, etc.

Source: Blackmountaincoins.com

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2 Mar 2013

World’s First Convertible Cable Car

First in the world Double Decker Open-air Cable Car in Switzerland. Stunning as you can aerial view from the top of the Swiss Alps; scaring for the faint-hearted indeed. Enjoy flying for the adrenalins! It's called "Cabrio" means ‘convertible` as in convertible automobiles. 

Source: http://www.stanserhorn.ch/en/media/photo_gallery/
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